Fontalloro Igt 2008- Felsina

fontalloro 2008Sangiovese, Fontalloro is a complete expression of Fèlsina’s Sangiovese: the grapes come from vineyards straddling the borders between the Chianti Classico and Chianti Colli Senesi appellations. The vineyards found within the Chianti Classico appellation are in the elevated area of Fèlsina and those of the Chianti Colli Senesi in the lowlands (330-407 meters above sea level). With a southwestern exposure, the grapes are influenced by diverse soil compositions: on the Chianti Classico side the soil is stony and calcareous; on the Crete Senesi side the soil is sandy, loamy and silty with pebbles and marine sediments.
First vintage 1983.


Ruby red color with rich and intense tones. Variety of aromatic herbs accentuated with generous notes of tobacco and wet earth (dry earth, as well), black currant and licorice. The palate manifests good consistency of medium-smooth tannins to ensure the lengthy ageing. Good weight and structure, with a classic finish. Optimum cellar life for the great vintages.


Destemming and pressing of select grapes. Fermentation temperature 28-30°c. Maceration 16-20 days. Racking and pumping scheduled daily.  Devatting after the maceration period. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Transfer to first or second use, 225-liter oak barrels in March-April for 18-22 months. Blended in steel tanks, then bottle-aged 8-12 months.

Sommelier Comment

The nose is menthol notes and balsamic to show up first, and then make room for hints of small fruits like blueberry, and then the pomegranate. Spicy notes such as green pepper and cloves are very pleasant. In the mouth is the feeling of power, with elegant and full. Touch of acidity in the finish revives. Good persistence.


Wine Spectator Annata 1999: 90/100 Annata 2001: 90/100 Annata 2004: 91/100
Gambero Rosso Annata 1999: 3 bicchieri Annata 2001: 3 bicchieri Annata 2004: 2 bicchieri
Duemilavini AIS 5 grappoli

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