Rjgialla Doc – La Tunella

Rigialla DocD.O.C. Friuli Colli Orientali

100% Ribolla Gialla 

Vinification: As the Friulano, this is one of the Friuli region’s great indigenous white varietals. The grapes are harvested at the right degree of ripeness, stripped from the stalks and gently pressed. Then a fermentation stock, prepared previously from the selected best grapes of the same variety, is added to the resulting clear, whole must. The must then ferments slowly in stainless steel vats at a precisely controlled temperature (16 °C) for approximately 30 to 40 days. The maturation continues in stainless steel vats, during which time also a lengthy series of batonnage processes is carried out at set intervals to produce a well-rounded and full-bodied wine, with a delicate bouquet. After a long sur lie aging process, bottling is deferred the month of February.

Colour: Brilliant straw yellow with elegant greenish reflections.

Notes on flavour and bouquet: An elegant and intense bouquet, floral, fruit and fragrant, with great class and consistency. The nose spans across notes of acacia, plum, yellow peach and green apple. The palate is intense and full with a supple body, echoing the varietal character. Dry and sapid, as a result of the vinification process, the wine is pleasantly fresh. The long finish develops pleasing notes of lemon that accompany an elegant and slightly aromatic aftertaste.


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  1. Slow Food
    Slow WIne Guida 2013
    COF Rjgialla 2011

    • “Ha profumi delicati di fiori bianchi e mela verde, il
    palato è consistente e verticale”


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