Batar Igt 2010 – Querciabella

Batar Igt Querciabella

Varieties : Chardonnay ( 50%), Pinot Blanc ( 50%).
Viticulture : Biodynamic since 2000, organic since 1988.
 Average production: 15,000 bottles ( 1,250 cases ) .
Appellation : Toscana IGT
First vintage : 1988
Average alcohol content: 13.5 % vol .
Ideal serving temperature : 6-8 ° C ( 43-47 ° F)
 If possible , decant at least an hour before serving.

The vineyards from Batàr Which is Obtained not have been cultivated organically since 1988 and in 2000 have  undergone a full conversion to biodynamic techniques. Pressing, fermentation and maturing in barrels of the Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay grapes are Conducted separately , until the final blending takes place . The grapes are picked in 8 kilo crates and juice is slowly extracted with a bladder press, very gently . The fermentation takes place in barrels .

The wine Also undergoes a full Malolactic fermentation . The barrel maturation takes 9 to 12 months . The oak is 100% French, and comes Mainly from Tronçais and Vosges, And Also from Allier. It is 30 % new and 70 % one year old . Once the wine maker Decides That the Office for Livestock is complete , the barrels Which will be part of the final blend are selected , through Extensive sampling. The final blend takes place in stainless steel . The wine is bottled shortly after , and rests for about six
months before release.

The wine is released around 20 months , and it ITS Reaches full maturity about 42 months , after harvest . Before maturity , just like its Cousins ​​of Burgundy, the wine may tend to shut down and Appear to ‘ tight ‘ at tasting . Therefore , we strongly  advise you not to consume it before It has reached maturity , about 3 and a half to 4 years after harvest ,  in order to enjoy it at its maximum potential. The maturity plateau is 4 to 12 years after harvest .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. “Sublime… Endowed with layers of sweet fruit
    interwoven with mineral and sweet toasted oak
    notes, it offers outstanding length on the palate…
    It is not to be missed.” 92/100
    Robert M. Parker Jr.
    The Wine Advocate


  2. “This luxurious blend is treated to all of winemaking’s
    bells and whistles… you can taste the joy.”
    Belinda Chang
    Gourmet Magazine
    Winter/Spring, 2011


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