Ai Suma


“Here we are. It’s the right level”; this is the meaning of the dialect term “Ai Suma”. This wine is only produced in particular favourable years which represents the “zenith” of the company.

APPELLATION: Barbera d’Asti d.o.c.g.

VARIETY: Barbera, late harvest.

VINEYARD: Rocchetta Tanaro.

VINIFICATION: temperature controlled maceration with intense cap management for 20 days.

MATURATION: 15 months in 225 lt oak barrels followed by ageing in the bottle for 12 months.

CHARACTERISTICS: very intense ruby red with purple hues. Ample, rich and complex bouquet, with intense notes of wild berries, prunes with vanilla, liquorice and cocoa. A warm mouth feel with a deep structure and at the same time elegant and sensual, harmonious and very persistent. Accompanies heavy meat dishes, roasts, also seasoned meats, game and aged cheeses.


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