Why Do Women Prefer White Wines?

Women can easily be compared with fine wines because as years pass by, they become mature, wiser as well as fullfilled in every sense. As with wines, the older they are, the better, right? Apart from men, women have their own preferences in wines and they have their own reasons why in most cases would go for a glass of white wine instead of red or rose. The question is why do women prefer white wines instead of red wines?

Studies show…

Best wine for a women on wiine.me

A survey conducted by Murviedro Winery from Valencia, Spain in 2008 has clearly showed that 70% of women prefer a white wine. 1200 women and 80 restaurants were included in the survey and the main reason why women chose white wine was, I quote “the white wine is fresher and women think it contains less alcohol”. Hence, white wines gives women the impression they contain less alcohol and due to color, they look fresh and light just like your normal lemonade or flat water and lemon. However, the same survey indicated that in 80% of cases, it’s man who chooses the wine so in the end women end up enjoying a glass of tasty red wine.

Other could argue that women and wine is a long story…

How do Women Choose Wine ?

Women White Wine

Apart from men, who choose a wine due to the category, the region or the grapes that it was made of, when facing the situation to choose a bottle of wine, women focus on different aspects. Should we let you guess? Well, it isn’t that hard. Women look at the price first, then they are mesmerized by the label design and brand name and this has been proved by recent studies.

In some cases, women choose the wines that they believe will match dinner or a dish they will prepare in the near future, while other simply go with the flow and try something new just for the heck of it. After all, women are known to be less conservatory and more open minded when it comes to trying out something new, well this applies to wine as well.

Could this be a Myth?women-wine-wiine-me

Recent rumors say that women preferring white wines is pure stereotype and it’s not at all true. They call it the Bridget Jones myth, the fictional heroine. How was this myth busted?

A blind-tasting survey which included of 3,000 shoppers and led by wine merchant Oddbins showed that “men and women valued the red and white wines equally”, according to their spokesman Emma Nichols.

And you what do you drink ?

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