If you love this Beer then you will love this Wine

Tonight at work was a strange night. We were full of tourist from Germany, Australia and Usa. Where i work is a nice restaurant in the center of Florence and we are famous for our Wine List , because we do a huge research and we taste all the wines before we propose to the clients. Our wines are not commercial but they  come from small artisans that use the traditional techniques of making wine.

But even of all this goodness still  lots of clients demand for a craftbeer even that they are surrounded from bottles of wine (more than 2000 bottles) . I know that they are not familiar with wine and not every one like it. But here in Italy is still a problem to find restaurants that have both of them in a high quality, so or wines or beers because after that they start to make concurrence to each other. And also the italians are behind on the culture of craftbeers , they’d rather spend 25 $ in a normal bottle of wine than 15 $ in a nice bottle of beer.

So tonight lots of this clients wanted beers and i was so closer  to get nervous,  I wanted so bad to find out what is their taste and palate so I could find what kind of wine to propone to them that would remind them the taste of the beer that they like. This question was going on my brain all night long and couldn’t wait to go home , grab the computer and make a research to find an answer.

And here we are…. Alleluia…. I find this good article in a wine site IF YOU LOVE THIS BEER THEN YOU’LL LOVE THIS WINE   I was so happy because while i was reading it I was trying to remember the taste of the beer compare to the wine and most of them were in perfect match.

picture from Vinepair.com 

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