Tiefenbrunner Winery

tiefenbrunnerFounded in 1848, the Tiefenbrunner Castel Turmhof Winery owes its name to the ancient castle known today as the home of the Tiefenbrunner family. The winery is in the hamlet Entiklar, in the town of Kurtatsch, which is in the South Tyrolean province of Bozen amid the awe-inspiring Italian Alps. Tiefenbrunner produces over 20 types of quality wines, and each bottle receives the attentive care of expert winemakers and owners, Herbert Tiefenbrunner and his son, Christof. Many international awards testify to the quality that results from their generations of experience, with the flagship of Tiefenbrunner being the Müller-Thurgau “Feldmarschall.”

Feldmarschall-2008One specially produced wine is the Müller-Thurgau “Feldmarschall von Fenner,” which has been cultivated since 1972 at the Hofstatt vineyard, 1000 meters above sea level. This wine is named for Franz Philipp Freiherr von Fenner zu Fennberg, for whom the estate once served as a summer residence. Viticulture at this altitude is unique in Europe, and is possible at this site only because of the vineyard’s ideal geographical orientation and specific microclimate.

The selection of only healthy and high-value grapes, and their careful processing, goes without saying. Both white and red grapes are thoroughly destemmed and fermented in steel tanks. But while the white wine grapes are pressed before the fermentation, the red wine is fermented with the skins. The fermentation takes place at low, controlled temperatures. According to the type of wine and the quality line, the young wine is finally aged in wooden casks or stainless steel tanks until it reaches its optimal maturity.

linticlarus-pinot-nero-blauburgunder-sudtirol-alto-adige-riserva-trentino-alto-adige-italy-10515651Particularly powerful and full-bodied red wines and some whites, undergo an additional refinement by means of 12 to 15 months aging in small oak barrels, known as “Barriques”. Most wines of the LINTICLARUS Selection remain at least a further year in the bottle, before being commercially released. Altogether around 750,000 bottles are filled each year, some 70% with white wines and the rest with reds.

Tiefenbrunner winery has three lines of production where they cover all the traditional varieties.

Classic                                Turmhof                                       Linticlarus
Pinot Bianco
Pinot Grigio
Müller Thurgau
Sauvignon Blanc
Lago di Caldaro
Moscato Rosa
Pinot Bianco
Pinot Grigio
Moscato Giallo
Schiava Grigia
Pinot Nero
Cabernet Sauvignon
Traminer aromatico
Pinot Nero Riserva
Lagrein Riserva
Cuvée (Cab. – Merlot)
Cabernet S. Riserva
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    Discovered this label at La Scala in Baltimore (if you’re in need of a good meal with a gregarious host and you’re in Charm City, that’s where I’d send you) about a decade or so ago. Forza Sudtirol!


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