Critical Thinking

With all the courses that exist in the world on Wine and Spirits education, I was wondering if those are really necessary or mandatory to become a successful character in the wine industry.

I just started a program at California State University in Sonoma about Wine Business Management and let me tell the truth. So far they did not teach me something new that i did not know about wine , but simply the way of looking the same think from a different point of view from a Critical Thinking side.

Critical Thinking includes complex combination of skills, and you are a critical thinker when you set a side the emotions and self motives or other self – deceptions

So i would like to ask

Do you think it is possible to “become someone” in the wine world without any studies?


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  1. If you have a true interest in wine then its almost automatic to spend some time getting more info on wines and their related facts. If nothing else its fun to try new wines with other people and get their opinion and critique about them. Just natural if you have an interest. If you have no real interest then what’s the point.


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