Estate Zinfandel 2012 – Andis Wines

Wine is ultimately about place and there’s no place like home. Our Estate Zinfandel field holds a special place and is where the Andis story took hold. We feel fortunate to have found one of the most sought after Zinfandel vineyards in the region and to have built the winery amongst these storied vines. Planted in 1978 without the use of rootstock, these old vines produce limited yields of incredibly intense and flavorful grapes each year. The wine exhibits what we’ve come to expect from this field; a big wine that exudes juiciness, complexity, classic berry and peppery aromatics, a rich mouthfeel and a flavorful finish of raspberries and cocoa. Perfectly matched with grilled meats, roasted vegetables and hearty Italian fare.

Personal Note 

This is wine is a perfect business cart of Amador terrier. The full mouth with complex structure and strawberry vanilla finish make this wine very interesting. In the palate can taste all the earthy flavor and some times it looks like we are licking rocks from the vineyard. This is a wine where you love it or you hate. And I love it. 


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