Eat, Drink and Be Local

If you had a fatal disease in Burgundy that only a bottle of Bordeaux could cure, you’d soon be dead.

This is one of my favorite quotes I ever read about Wine Industry.

Wine is a product of the earth and clime and so is the cousine around that winery that produce it. So if I am in Italy driving up and down Chianti Hills and I decide to stop for a meal in a local Restaurant the odds of drinking local wines are high not because the server suggested, but because the food is going to taste better with wine made a couple of miles away and not in the other side of Italy that takes days and months and thousands of miles to arrive, and more Dollars to spend on. And the same thing would happen in Bandol in Provence or Languedoc, or Loire in France.

After two years living in Sacramento California and trying a lot of local restaurants, made me very sad about how poor their local wines are featured in the Wine List.

So Why ? If I am eating fish from Northern California or vegetables from Monterey why do I have to drink wine from France or Italy ? I made this question to one of the wine director in a famous restaurant here and his answer was so poor. “”Our Cousine style is Italian and we have to sell Italian wines”” BS. Who said so? First they think they are cooking Italian and second the prime ingredients are all local and they can never be italian or french because the sun light was not imported from Italy or the water was not taken from Frence and the earth were they grew was not shipped from Europe. Is all from here and so the wine should be.


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