Couples that Drink together stay together.

Hi wine lover friends,

Probably most of you have read this article on vinepair, but I would like to share it here for those who did not. A study done on drinking, hope that they weren’t drunk while they released the results. :-), tells us that Drunk Wife Happy Life”©  My modest opinion is that I do agree with Dr Kira. Me and my wife have a decent happy marriage with a decent wine cellar 😉 and let me tell you that we do enjoy each other even more while we are having  a glass of wine or a beer.

If you put vacation as a location of the drink (hoping that the waiter or the concierge is not sexy, just kidding, hope my wife is not reading this part and then yes I will need help.) and then voila! Love and happiness reach another level and babies start popping out in the next 9 months. So stop wasting your time with marriage therapy, join a wine club and start sharing it with your partner, or take her out and have a couple of cocktails and if you are lucky  and have a lightweight wife you will love it when you come home, just make sure to send your kid to the grandparents. cropped-my-wine1.png

Below is the article.

You know the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life?” Well it turns out, given new research recently published by the University of Michigan, the saying really should be “the couple that drinks together stays together.” That’s because this new research has uncovered something many people knew all along: married couples where both spouses drink, tend to be much happier couples. Think about that one couple you know that doesn’t, they’re kind of miserable, aren’t they?

Researchers found this result is particularly true when the female in the couple drinks and the male does not. In these cases, women became more and more dissatisfied with the relationship over time when they were the only ones imbibing.

The study examined 2,767 couples who had been together for an average of 33 years and through the study they learned that it wasn’t the amount of drinking that matters, but that both partners drank in the first place – to be fair, the study also found that if the couple were both teetotalers they were happy as well, but where’s the fun in those kind of results?!

As study author Dr. Kira Birditt, who studies relationships across adulthood, told Reuters: “We’re not suggesting that people should drink more or change the way they drink.” In fact, the study authors aren’t even sure why this result rings true in the first place. Their best guess is that couples who tend to do leisure activities together, of which drinking is clearly one, tend to be happier and more satisfied.

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