Dinner, Wine and a Comic Movie.

My weekends usually are on Mondays. Working in this industry you have to be on duty when others are having fun and I kinda  like it. I am off  while everyone is working and I love my peace. Fortunately, do not have to experience the crazy weekends. Is not that I am old, no at all, just too much in love with wine and she (wine) love to be quiet and a good company  like my wife.

So this weekend (Monday), my wife booked me before my golf buddies did. So we went out for dinner in a nice Italian restaurant where they make some really decent food and if you are enough smart to put yourself out of the shell and think that Italy does not make only Lasagna, Pizza or Alfredo, and you might have some great opportunities to get some fantastic meals.

Meritage Andis WineryI took with me a bottle of wine, obviously local wine from Amador County. Meritage 2011 from Andis Wines. A Bordeaux style like right bank, Saint Emilion with 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is 90 pts Wine Enthusiast.  Was perfect with my lamb, clean in the nose and persistent in the palate. Classic flavors of red fruits as strawberry and cherry, chocolate mixed with toasted coffee and light vanilla that comes back after every taste. Very incredible smooth tannins for a 4 years old wine. Still deep red color with velvety taste that smoothly slide down sip after sip and the palate keep discovering new flavors.

To bad we had only one bottle.

After we had dinner with this great local wine we went to see a movie, since last time we did was probably a decade ago. And when you drink a great wine the odds of  being in a good mood are very high. A comic movie with Amy Schumer, Trainwreck was the best way to end up our date and head home to our beautiful daughter.

So I had a nice happy weekend with my wife.

Posted on MWCH a year ago.

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