Keep it simple

Sometimes cheap is expensive, easy is very hard and simple is too complicated. What I just said sounds like a theory of Pythagoras, or Einstein math. By the way, have you ever noticed that calling Einstein in vain is offensive?  For example while you are parking the car and even you are embarrassed on what you did, you hear your father’s voice from inside: “Good job Einstein”, or when you thing you resolve the problems of the world, but technically you said something so stupid and your friend smiling calls you “You are really an Einstein”. I am wondering if a couple of years from know we will substitute the word Einstein with Trump? No offense to anyone. Personally I do not care at all. No matter who win, they will close the gab between God and us, because he will be the one that we will ask for help to get out of this nightmare.

But lets leave politic and science aside. I do not want to waste an hour of my life writing about that, but just a few words about simple things that made me happy this afternoon.

You wonder what! I’ll tell you.

A perfect simple dinner made home. I picked a tomato from the garden, sliced and seasoned with pink salt and extra virgin oil from the sierra foothills of California. A piece of feta cheese from Corti Brothers grocery shop in Sacramento. Home pickled cauliflower and toasted bread.

Now that I wrote what I wanted, kinda think was more interesting talking about Trump, but if I bored you, blame it on the cable. Got back from work, my wife and my daughter are out of town. And this sounds like a vacation for most of the husbands, but guess what? Nothing interesting in TV and the list of stuff I have to do is like a papyrus found in an old library in Babylonia. Add even some request from my mother in law and alleluia, vacation is over. So I decided to open a bottle of wine from a local winery in Amador County that for respect of the other producers I will not tell that was from Andis Wines. : -) .

As the wine was finishing and the monotonous was talking me over I  had the genius idea to jump on the computer and write about some tomatoes and pickles.

I hope my dear friend you have a great weekend and enjoy the simple things of life.     Wine, Beer, Food, Vacation and Sport.


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