Beer Snob vs Wine snob

As you all know already I am a wine snob, and I like it. I have tried wines from every corner of the world, now that I think, that can be the reason why I became a snob, should stopped with just some regions that surround my home. A tip to everyone: “In order to love more what you like, try what you do not know”.

As time is putting age over my shoulders I started loving a good quality glass (the correct word should be bottle, but the auto-corrector is suggesting glass and I am sticking with that) of wine as my late companion at home. If that is missing and then just a simple cold beer from whatever or wherever. When it comes to beer I will never judge in a hot summery day, unless is not cold. That is my only criteria for beers. Okay, okay do not give me wrong, is not that I do not like a fancy craft beer, but honestly the decision is made in 3 seconds while I am buying grocery for home. In the wine, oh God, I have to spend hours and hours of research on the shelf of wine stores till I will make my decision and even then by the time I arrive home. might even change mind and open something else from the cellar.

Since I moved to California, my beer appreciation have moved from Becks or Heineken to Stella Artois or whatever my father in law has in his fridge 🙂 most of the times all the sorts of Pale Ale-s or IPA-s, not bad.

Actually once, as I was driving to find a good spot to hang out, I ended to a local fair and they were hosting a beer tasting. Walked in and there all hundreds of beers. Took my pint and here I am a wine snob between all this dudes. The guy behind the tap poured me the beer to taste and me without thinking. Swirl, sniff and sip, wait think and try to get the flavors (the 101 of wine tasting). My wife started laughing at me, and I was not understanding till i looked around, most of dudes in that room were just chugging down beer as many as they could. That day I while I was cruising from stand to stand, I noticed that certain beers have a lot in common with wines. So now when I decide to spend more than those 3 seconds in front of a beer shelf, I buy them in order to taste similar with the wine that I like.

Since there are millions and millions of wine labels in the market, I decide to share with you the beers that I drink are compared with the wines where I work at Andis Wines.

Pilsner or German Lager (my favorite) – 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

A glass of pils is a perfect way to reinvigorate after a long day. They are famous for their refreshing taste and light flavors of tropical fruits and low in alcohol. Served as chilled as they can be.

Andis Sauvignon Blanc is a delicate, tropical, citrus aromas and a grapefruit custard. Light and crisp.

Kolsch2014 Semillon

The beer is bridge from lager to ale, and often a good Kolsch is described with a light tannin and grassy finish.Andis 2014 Semillon has aromas and flavors like white pepper, snap peas and lemon, light body and crisp acidity. The overall impression is one of freshness and brightness. (Wine Enthusiast)

Wheat Beer2013 Semillon

The beer shows smooth creamy textures, what else than a buttery Chardonnay, but thank goodness we do not make one. That why Andis Semillon with age starts to lose the acidity and gain an oily texture, nutty and tropical jam fruit.

Pale Ale2012 Grenache

All the time I try a pale reminds me a Pinot Noir, so Andis Grenache fruit when is made and aged in the concrete shows similarity to the Pinots. Pale Ale is medium body, balance and too much bitterness from the hop. Andis Grenache is Bright medium ruby garnet color. Bright, fruity, jammy toasty aromas and flavors of strawberry jam, burning – dried leaves (leaf smoke), planked cedar, and a chewy, tart, full body and a warming, delightful, rapid finish with leafy, earthy tannin and light oak. (Tastings)

IPA2012 Estate Zinfandel

Someone who loves IPA loves how complex a beer can be. IPA’s can be fruity and sweet whilst being incredibly bitter. An imperial IPA has a higher alcohol level, which adds more body and complexity. Andis Zinfandel is all what the IPA description says, complex and fruity, bitter and high alcohol.

PorterPetite Sirah 2011

Porter or stout are known for their dark flavors, like toasted coffee bean, blackberries deepen in chocolate, or full body with a long finish. Petite grapes are a clone of Syrah and so they make wines that are rich  and mouth filing with a lot of berry flavors. I found out that this kind of beverage you love it or hate it, it cannot go middle way.

So this were all my thoughts on beer and wine, I notice a lot while I am working in the tasting room, that beer drinkers look like a dog in a leash from their partners to drive them around and taste wine. So next time your partner what to go wine tasting, check up Andis and we will find the perfect wine that match your beer palate.

Cheers to all wine and beer drinkers.


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  1. Pilsner is a fantastic beer to quench the thirst. Is light and bright acidity, all what you need to start with. When you start with a craft IPA your palate is gone after.


  2. Jill Barth says:

    Ahhh. Just bought a six of Sam Adams… a pilsner I hadn’t tried. The check out girl said I don’t know, I only drink craft beer… I’ve encountered a beer snob!

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  3. Thanks for reading my post. I’m not a Cab drinker for the same reason I don’t like IPA. But I love a good Ale or a refreshing Pils . I’ll check out your blog. Cheers


  4. Interesting article – I hadn’t thought of comparing beers to wines before, but your take, especially on pilsners was spot on. I don’t drink pilsner often (prefer ales) just like I don’t drink Sauvignon Blanc often (prefer big juicy Cabs) – but when I do, I do. And enjoy them.

    Check out our blog:


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